HAPPY Collection

Happiness springs from the small things able to thrill us. The happiness and energy of unique jewels conveying a message, a wish, a declaration. A lucky charm always to be brought with you, symbol of our feelings to give either to others or to ourselves as a promise of joy and timeless calm.

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WHISPER Collection

The delicate beating of wings of a butterfly lands on the element that surrounds whisperIng sweet words.

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BONJOUR Collection

Un festoso brio primaverile pervade i bracciali della collezione Bonjour. Cuori, stelle e farfalle metafore di amore, luminosità e leggerezza: tre elementi fondamentali per un risveglio di buon umore.

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GAIA Collection

When nature becomes jewel. Precious animals inspired by the charm of primordial earth.

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MANDALA Collection

Old symbolic images, geometric shapes and deep meanings. Mandala is a Sanskrit word expressing circle: metaphor of perfection, completeness and eternity.

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Fifth Avenue Collection

Inspired by the most glamour and cutting-edge New York district, Fifth Avenue interprets the man style, with a cool and impeccable elegance. A simple but modern taste recognized from the crowd.

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ADMIRAL Collection

Firmness authoritarian man who fearlessly fights against all obstacles. A capable man leading a team to victory, defying the enemy and the power of the sea.

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